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Sat. Feb 28th 2015
Fitz Henry Road - Unknown Fire Type, nothing found
Fri. Feb 27th 2015
Mt Pleasant Road - MVA, no cars found
Fri. Feb 27th 2015
Thu. Feb 26th 2015
I 70 E MM 50 - MVA
Thu. Feb 26th 2015
Vine Street - AFA
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Sat. Apr 4th 2020
April 4, 2020Tickets $20 a ticket, two numbers on each ticket, includes food and beverage . Grand Prize purse package worth over$1700.00. Tickets available for purchase any Friday after 5pm and/or any...
Wed. Mar 18th 2020
Please check back for further updates. Thank you.
Tue. Aug 23rd 2016
The Huntingdon Place (Turkeytown Volunteer Fire Department Social Hall), is conveniently located just 2 miles from Interstate 70 off of Route 31. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, banquets, meetings, f...
Thu. Nov 12th 2015
As we continue to serve our community, we have upgraded our means of contact to better serve those who utilize our services.Please call 724-872-8868 for information on renting Huntingdon Place for you...
2003 Ford F-550 V8 Powerstroke
-350 Gallon Poly Tank
-150' Booster Line
-150' 1'' Forestry Line
-50' 1.5'' Preconnected Attack Line
-(2) MSA Firehawk SCBA-CBRN
-PRO-PAK Class A Foam System
-Ramsey 9000 Winch
-Honda Trash Pump
-Various Hand Tools
-Stihl Chainsaws
-Stihl Extendable Pole Saw
-Stihl Leaf Blower
-Collapsible Indian Tanks
-Oxygen Kit
-Front End Sprayers
-Map Books
-2012 ERG
1991 International/ E-One
-1250 GPM Hale Pump
-1000 Gallon Poly Water Tank
-1500' 5'' LDH Supply Line
-500' 3'' Supply Line
-250' 2.5'' Attack Line
-150' 1" Forestry Line
-150' High Rise Packs
-150' 1'' Booster Line
-(2) Pre-connected 1.75'' Attack Lines
-(2) Pony 5'' Supply Line
-(4) MSA Firehawk SCBA-CBRN
-(4) MSA 4500 PSI. Spare Cylinders
-MSA Evolution Thremal Imaging Camera
-R.I.C. SCBA Connector
-Heat Gun
-MSA Solaris Multi-Gas Detector
-24' Extension Ladder
-12' Roof Ladder
-10' Attic Ladder
-Stihl Ventilation Saw
-Johnson Chain Saw
-3 Way Hydrant Assist Valve
-TFT Portable Moniter
-TFT Chimney Snuffer
-Wedge Kit
-Deluge Gun
-Honda Gasoline Powered PPV Fan
-10' Pike Poles
-8' Pike Poles
-4' Trailer Hook
-New York Hook
-Dog Snare
-Halligan Bars
-Bolt Cutters
-Compliment of Rescue Rope
-ANSI Approved Traffic Vests
-Holmatro Rescue Systems- Spreaders
-Holmatro Rescue Systems-Cutters
-Holmatro Rescue Systems-Power Plant
-Spare Hydraulic Line
-Salvage Covers
-25 lb. ABC Fire Extinguisher
-Water Can
-Salvage Supplies
-Class A Foam PRO-PAK
-10 Gallons Class A Foam
-LDH Spanner Wrenches
-Full Compliment of Hose Adapters
-5" to 3" Hose Reducer
-3'' Hose Bridge
-Spare Gasoline and Mixed Fuel
-Radio Headset
-Map Books
2010 Ranger
2009 Ford F-550 V8 Powerstroke with Twin Turbo
-E-ONE Light Rescue Box
-(1) Holmatro Spreader
-(1) Holmatro Cutter
-(2) Holmatro Telescoping Rams
-(2) MSA Firehawk SCBA-CBRN
-(4) MSA 4500 PSI Spare Cylinders
-(2) BLS Crash Bags
-(2) Electrical Reels
-(1) Holmatro Hydraulic Power Plant
-(4) STREAMLIGHT LED Lightboxes
-(2) Large Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts
-(2) Small Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts
-(2) 10 lb. ABC Fire Extinguishers
-Ramsey 9000 Winch
-MSA Solaris Multi-Gas Detector
-Honda 13,000 KW Generator
-NightScan Extendable Light Tower
-Extrication Collar Kit
-Splinting Kit
-Phillips HeartStart AED
-Oxygen Kit
-Holmatro 32 Ton Lifting Bag
-Holmatro 16 Ton Lifting Bag
-Holmatro 5 Ton Lifting Bag
-Maxiforce 32 Ton Lifting Bag
-Maxiforce 16 Ton Lifting Bag
-Maxiforce 5 Ton Lifting Bag
-Recriprocating Saws
-AJAX Kits
-Extension Cords
-Stihl Chainsaw
-Stihl Leaf Blowers
-Stokes Basket
-Long Board
-Little Giant Ladder
-Rescue Ropes and Harnesses
-Complete Compliment of Rope Rescue Hardware
-Accountability Board
-ANSI Approved Traffic Vests
-Pike Poles
-Halligan Bars
-Biehl Tools
-Grade 8 Rescue Chains
-Dog Snares
-Salvage Covers and Various Salvage Supplies
-Hand Tools
-Plug Kit
-Rubber Cribbing
-Wooden Cribbing
-10 Ton Port-A-Power
-Absorbent Materials
-Shoring Equipment
-Water Can
Squad 107
2016 2016 Chevy 2500 Duramax
Introducing our newest piece of apparatus, Squad 107, a 2016 Chevy 2500 Duramax. This vehicle will be used to serve our communities in South Huntington Township by transporting firefighters, equipment and our emergency trailers. We at Turkeytown Volunteer Fire Company would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in South Huntington Township and the surrounding communities for your continued support.

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